• What are the opening hours?
    I do not work with fixed opening hours. The appointments for the consultation and for the tattoos can be made online .
  • What tattoo styles do you work with?
    Traditional tattoos, Neotraditional, Classic tattoos, Japanese - Asia tattoos, Mandala tattoos and Black-Grey tattoos. I am an all-rounder. The only thing I don't do is Color-Realistic Tattoos and Micro-Realistic Tattoos. Take your time and have a look at my gallery and book an appointment with me after you have familiarized yourself with my work.
  • How much does a tattoo cost?
    Each tattoo is unique and is made individually for each person. When it comes to the price of the tattoo, the size, the details and the placement are all important. The minimum price is 150,- CHF. (Due to the use of sterile, disposable products and materials that are safely disposed of after each client.) For small tattoos, the cost is between 200-300,- CHF. Half-day sessions, which last about 3 hours, cost between 500-600,- CHF. Full day sessions lasting 5-6 hours can range from 1000,- CHF to 1200,- CHF. I will inform you about the exact price during our consultation, as soon as I have the required information about your tattoo. The payment is made immediately after each session. If your tattoo requires multiple sessions, each session will be paid for individualy at the end. A deposit of CHF 100-200,- CHF is paid before the first appointment (this depends on the size and complexity of your tattoo). For tattoos that require multiple sessions, the price of the deposit will be deducted from the total of your last payment.
  • How can people contact you?
    During the day, my focus is 100% on my tattoo clients. This means that I am not available over the phone. With me, all appointments for tattoos and consultations in the studio are made using contact form Appointment requests are processed by me as soon as possible.
  • What do you need from me?

    You send me your ideas with:

    Desired body part
    Here is a specification such as "left forearm inside" or "right calf back". If you are unsure, I can advise you on where your desired motif is best.

    Reference images, idea
    Of course, it will not be copied - everyone gets a unique piece. Nevertheless, pictures help me to better understand what you like, so I can design your personal motif. Send me photos, drawings, tattoos, etc. that you like (Pinterest, Google Image Search, etc.).

  • Can I see my design in advance?
  • Yes and No. Because the link between placement and design is so important to me, I prefer to design the motifs directly on the body part in question. I prepare all designs the day before, the day of the tattoo, or together with the client. Of course, if a freehand drawing on the body is not necessary, you can see your design in advance.

  • Can I be accompanied by someone?
  • I prefer the client to come alone. However, you can certainly bring someone with you for support. Since I prefer a quiet atmosphere while working, I ask that you bring only one friend.

  • Can I get a tattoo in the summer?
  • Freshly tattooed skin needs about 4-6 weeks to fully regenerate. So if you are planning a beach vacation, it's not the best idea to get a tattoo just before sunbathing. During the first few weeks, the tattoo will be covered with new skin, which is not strong enough to protect the tattoo from UV radiation. It is also not a good idea to come to get a tattoo with freshly tanned and sun-exposed skin right after a vacation. If your skin is very tan from the sun, I can' t see the real tint. It is ideal to get tattooed at least a month before and after intense sun exposure. When you are in the sun, please always apply a high UV factor sunscreen to your tattoos.

    You should wait with swimming and bathing until there are no more scales and crusts (approx. 1-2 weeks). The healed tattoo should always be treated with moisturizer after swimming and sunbathing.

  • Can I cancel my appointment?
  • There is always a possibility to postpone or cancel the appointment. It is important that the cancellation is made at least 48 hours before the appointment, otherwise the deposit will not be refunded.

  • Can I bring my pet to the tattoo studio?
  • No. Due to the hygiene requirements, pets are not allowed in the studio.

  • Do you do cover-ups?
  • Cover-ups are designed and performed on a case-by-case basis. There are simple rules - smaller tattoos are covered by larger tattoos and light colors are covered by dark colors. Unfortunately not every tattoo style is suitable for a cover-up. When you make an appointment, please let me know that it is a cover-up. Since the designs are also drawn and planned specifically for cover-up. To successfully cover an existing tattoo, you can also do one or more laser treatments, so you expand the possibilities for your new tattoo.

  • How long does my tattoo session last?
  • The length depends on several factors. Among them are the size and color of the tattoo, your skin type, the placement and of course, how pronounced your pain threshold is. A tattoo on the ribs, stomach, or neck can sometimes take twice as long as the same tattoo on the calf due to skin elasticity and workability. Some of these factors also become known only after the work process begins, which is why it is difficult to give an exact time.

  • Are there any risks with tattoos?
  • The risks are very low if the work is carried out well. By using sterile disposable products and very high standards of hygiene, the risk of infection can be virtually eliminated. However, there are other possible problems and risks that can be encountered, which I will explain to you personally.

    A tattoo is forever
    At this time, there is no treatment that is guaranteed to make a tattoo disappear without a trace. With many treatments, the health risks are also unexplored. Tattoos can restrict you. Despite the rising popularity and trend wave, tattoos are not desirable everywhere. You should be aware before making an appointment that your tattoo can restrict you in your career.

    Design and result
    Your tattoo will not be 100% the same as the drawing on paper, as factors such as your skin type, or skin color will have an impact on the final result/color.

    Allergies / Infections / Inflammations
    Complications such as inflammations and infections are unfortunately possible even if all hygienic rules are followed. In particular, allergic reactions can never be completely ruled out. Care of the "wound" plays a very important role in avoiding such problems.

    Blow Out
    A health complication known as "blow out" can also not be 100% eliminated. This complication, which can occur with very thin skin, e.g. on the inner arm, is an aesthetic problem. In the case of a blow out, the ink is stitched into the lower solid layer, where it causes a blurred look like spilled ink. However, this can be corrected or hidden in most cases.